Thursday, 14 December 2017

Hertford Union Canal

The Hertford Union Canal is one of London's canals, it connects the Regent's Canal to the Lee Navigation.
Opened: 1830
Route: Tower Hamlets
Distance: 1.5km
Status: Complete

The canal is a short one being only about 1.5km long with 3 intermediate locks. The canal opened in 1830, having being promoted by Sir George Duckett - the canal was sometimes known as the Duckett's Canal because of this, and was intended as a short cut for traffic between the Thames and the Lee Navigation, especially enabling boats to miss the awkward Bow Bank Rivers.
Unfortunately, although the idea of the canal seemed sound it was not a financial success and within 20 years the canal was unnavigable and for sale. It was eventually bought by the Regent's Canal in 1857 to become of the Regent's branches and later became part of the Grand Union company.

The canal is entirely in Tower Hamlets. At its Eastern End it is within sight of the Olympic stadium connecting to the Lee Navigation near Old Ford Lock. Most of the Northern side of the canal borders on Victoria Park, the canal connecting to the Regent's Canal between Mile End and Old Ford Locks (not the same lock as on the Lee).
Hertford Union Canal

Hertford Union Junction (with the Regent's)

Old Ford Lower Lock, the Lee can be seen in the distance

Parnell Road Footbridge